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Recording Audio Live in OB Truck - O2 Arena, using JAM Productions Audio Recording Equipment.

OMD Film Shoot: Live Recording Setup: ProTools with a completely independent back up recording system.

Recording System are modified to suit clients needs and venue.
Lemar Shepherds Bush Empire - 96 channel recording

Live Multi Track Recordings

Being one of the first to offer portable, mobile recording services in the UK, Jam Productions is one of the most experienced companies recording live music at venues and has extensive knowledge and experience recording audio for film and video shoots.

JAM Productions owns portable recording technology, flight cased and ready to put into venues, enabling gigs to be recorded cost-effectively without the need for a large mobile truck.  Portable rigs are modified to suit the job.

Our live recording engineers are highly experienced and have come from renown studio backgrounds.  The productions where we do need to use a mobile recording truck, we provide our own engineer to make sure all audio is recorded to our high standard.

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