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Russell Peters O2 Arena

Paul Smith Director

Setting up FOH Cameras, Bret Turnbull DoP

From high profile multi camera live shoots to documentary filming, tour diaries, behind the scenes for special feature purposes, we produce shoots, supply all crew and equipment – including Director, Director of Photography, camera operators, technical supervisors and audio engineers to film and record audio multi track

Services Offered:


• Creative proposals, working with clients to develop the best way to film/ record to produce the best product required.

• Budgeting and putting together crew and equipment for work

• Managing projects from start to delivery of masters for factory duplication, using the right talent to ensure all creative as well as correct technical specifications are met.


• Multi track recording – live at venues

• Mixing 5.1 surround and stereo, sync to picture

• Audio In-House Mastering


• Multi camera shoots at venues, 3D + 2D filming

• Tour Diaries, Special Features, Interviews

• Transferring and digitizing footage,

• Editing offline + online

• Conforming

• Layback of audio, sync to picture

• Grading/colouring

• Legalizing, Playout and delivery of Audio / Visual masters

DVD PRODUCTION:           

•Menu design and animation

• Encoding

• Authoring

For Julie Gardner Original Prints